“...one of the best country road players doing the rounds in America.”
New City -Chicago, IL

Details are sketchy and sources disagree as to the whozits and wherefores of the young Mr. Owen. Mr. Owen for his part isn’t speaking. There are reports that he was born at St Blaise’s Hospice and Sanitarium -- an Elmurst, Illinois, institution named after the patron saint of sore throats. There are also reports that he first trod before the footlights in the basement cafeteria of a local Catholic Church. The debut is said to have ended abruptly when pyrotechnics set off by the band tripped the sprinkler system and soaked the masses. None of this can be confirmed.

Muddled early years aside, Owen made his way to California by way of Arizona, and in 1994 released “Bottomless Joe”. Featuring tuba together with fiddle and mandolin, it was “alt-country” before anyone had bothered to coin the term. 1998’s "Quality Used Parts" continued the thematic blend of Drinking, Driving and Death which had established Steve as a force to be dealt with (generally by the local constables) on the national touring circuit. Since the mid-90’s Steve has played in over 30 states and toured the country a dozen times.
In 2001 Steve released “ ... like an Atheist in Nashville,” his inaugural album for the Ethic Recordings Label. The CD shows him progressing from simple murder and beer ballads to ditties detailing the exploits of serial killers and drunken circus clowns.
2004 sees the release Steve's 4th CD "the Turlock 2".