• Recorded another Rock Soup Ramblers CD. Same deal as the first, one weekend, all "live" with no over dubs.

  • The first 2 CD's "Bottomless Joe" & "Quality Used Parts" are now available for download at Apples i-Tunes. The CD's are also available for purchase from CD Baby.

  • The Rock Soup Ramblers first CD is finish and will be out soon!
    Who are The Rock Soup Ramblers you say?
    A) a half a dozen drunks?
    B) four songwriters and couple pickers?
    C) the Americana version of the Pogues?
    D) all of the above?

  • The Rock Soup Ramblers debut CD was recorded "live"over one weekend at a little cabin out in the woods of west Marin. We recorded about 26 songs and widdled it down to an even dozen for the final mix. Old Country covers, a couple of strange standards and a handful of originals from the band.

  • Available at Apple's I-Tunes!
    Both "...like an Atheist in Nashville" & "the Turlock 2" CD 's are available at the
    i-Tunes music store. Download indivdual songs or the whole CD.

  • I've got a track on a compilation CD out of Sweden. The CD's titled Hit the Hay Vol. 7 and it's on Sound Asleep Records. Other artists on the disc include John Wesley Harding, Dave Gleason's Wasted Days, Tim Easton, Richard Barone & Jesse Valenzuela from the Gin Blossom's. You can find it at Miles of Music.

  • "the Turlock 2" is available online at the following locations - Miles of Music, amazon.com & cdbaby.com. Or, you can alway e-mail Ethic Recordings and they can set you up.

  • The "...like an Atheist in Nashville" CD is still available thru both Amazon.com and Miles of Music. The Amazon.com listing comes complete with an "Explicit Lyrics" warning. yahoo...